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INTELLISEC Ltd. established in 2011 which point out aims to make quality and updated National Security seminars  for foreign students in Israel and abroad. The company provides contents that are suitable for all kind of audience such as students, big companies, government office (army, police etc.).

INTELLISEC Ltd. is occupying in those courses dozens of lecturers from the best universities in Israel those scolars who teach in those courses are the company employ's. 

In addition, INTELLISEC Ltd. have lecturers that been in "the field" that bring to the students a lot of field experience (bed and good) to open their mind to changes in order to make it a whole "package" available to the students.

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Courses and Seminars 

  Islam and the Middle East

  Self Defence - Security

  The Intelligence role in Low Intensity Conflict

  Leadership as a Component in National Security

  Business Competitive Intelligence

  Security Perception in Prisons

  Water security workshop – in Israel


New Courses
Courses inside the college/university – 4 weeks (80-120 hours) in a semester (summer/winter semester).

In addition, 2-3 weeks in Israel – workshops; lectures; tourism.

Sending lecturers to your country to teach specific subjects in the area of their expertise.

Enriching Weekends
Seminars that we give by sending 3-4 senior lecturers from the Universities in Israel and senior high rank and experience officers to make a debate on the subject that we talked about. Those seminars will suggest frontal lectures by those lecturers and debate in the end, between varied opinions.

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